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Normally the mobile browsers do a good job at mapping usual touch events to their counterpart mouse event such as touchstart to mousedown etc. However some complex events like touchmove where X & Y positions are needed during the event being still executing all you get is a jagged transition on mobile browsers. Read more »

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  1. 5 UX lessons from Jim Carey

    Steve Tengler shares five user experience lessons he learned from the cinematic performances of Jim Carrey.

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This release brings new pop-up widget, an auto divider option for listviews, and host of changes and fixes to the complete library making it smoother, faster and more polished.


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This study is provided by thinkinsights with Google. Research objectifies on the lines of gaining a deep understanding of smartphone consumer behavior with regards to:

  • How smartphones are used in daily life?
  • How do consumers multi-task with their smartphones?
  • What types of info are consumers searching for on mobile?
  • What role do smartphones play in decision making for products & services?
  • How do consumers respond to mobile ads?

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011 - by

Sencha Touch leverages HTML5 and CSS3 to provide a robust web app framework for webkit based mobile browsers. This session is a high-level introduction to Sencha Touch. We will cover components and data handling, theming, best practices, and deployment, and talk about the roadmap for Sencha Touch 2.0.

Check out​conference for more session videos.