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Part 1

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Thursday, May 23, 2013 - by

In this talk the presenters explore the arsenal of tools available to Android UI engineers that let you implement some of these important guidelines, including responsive design with multi-pane layouts, metrics and layout grids, and core navigation components.

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This is a great video by Nicholas Zakas gives you simple tips on how to understand and maintain JavaScript code better. Read more »

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Join Jeff Gothelf for a hands-on webcast to learn how Lean UX aims to open up the user experience design process with a collaborative approach that involves the entire team. It’s a hypothesis-based design approach that tests design ideas early and often and, along the way, builds a shared understanding with our team mates that eliminates the dependencies on heavy documentation and challenging communications. Lean UX is a solution for the challenge of Agile and UX integration while it also works effectively in traditional waterfall and other hybrid environments. Read more »

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This is really good insight by Nicole Sullivan on how to write CSS for high performance scalable websites and web applications. Definitely OOCSS is not some new technology but based on best practices of leaders in the field to write CSS in way making it scalable and easy to maintain for future extensions. Read more »