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There is only one reason for a process to hold the execution of the web page until it finishes executing itself & the reason is if the process will make changes to the UI user interface of the webpage. Loading JavaScript using genericis something that normally holds the execution of anything defined after it until it fully loads itself as due to AJAX etc. JavaScript is considered by the browser to change the UI of the webpage. For this reason Asynchronous Script Loading techniques are used for a better optimized solution to load JavaScript along with the files that it depends on. RequireJS is quite robust and includes optimization and build tools for deployment. Read more »

Wednesday, March 7, 2012 - by

Knowing best practices for a programming language is very difficult because you always find a better way of doing things. As far as JavaScript is concerned this becomes more difficult as being quite a dynamic language it is. Read more »

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This study is provided by thinkinsights with Google. Research objectifies on the lines of gaining a deep understanding of smartphone consumer behavior with regards to:

  • How smartphones are used in daily life?
  • How do consumers multi-task with their smartphones?
  • What types of info are consumers searching for on mobile?
  • What role do smartphones play in decision making for products & services?
  • How do consumers respond to mobile ads?

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Monday, February 27, 2012 - by

Accessibility does not require much extra work when done as a part of initial development. The plan first approach for accessibility must be used. As it would be less expensive than fixing later and even very small details can have big impact. Progressive enhancement is something that can help the site to be accessible to a wide variety of people otherwise inaccessible. Read more »

Thursday, February 9, 2012 - by

This is a presentation by Addy Osmani and covers fundamentals of Design Patterns in JavaScript, 3 mostly used and important patterns and how to build JavaScript applications can scale.
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