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The does your typical page speed optimization checks it gives you detailed waterfalls, screenshots & video captures. Also provides CPU utilization and band-width. For more advanced use it provides you film strips and video comparisons for arbitrary tests.  


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I have written about four posts on the patterns in JavaScript. This post is kind of a entry point to those as I have listed them in the order they should be read for someone starting to get his/her hands dirty on JavaScript patterns. Your feedback and response will be highly appreciated.

  1. The Essentials Part 1 »
  2. The Essentials Part 2 »
  3. The Module Pattern »
  4. The Prototype Pattern »
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Prototype pattern is quite often used in JavaScript to provide structure and organize your code by encapsulating away the variables and functions out of the global scope. A good thing about this patterns is that its native to JavaScript and hence leverages JavaScript built-in features.
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Opera went on and added a new nice tool to its dragonfly suit for developers called as style profiler does mainly profiling and optimization of css selectors.



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The module pattern is one of the most commonly used JavaScript pattern to get rid of function spaghetti to provide structure and organization to your code as it grows. As with every other pattern there are some benefits and drawbacks to this pattern.
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